The Future of and Manufacturing of Wind Turbines in the UK

Wind Turbines

Wind energy is a fast growing solution to reducing the UK’s carbon footprint and cutting down on the limited non-renewable resources that we have left. We must provide a higher calibre alternative to coal and oil in order to become sustainable. Wind turbines are a relatively new technology to the UK in terms of we are yet to see their full potential and manufacture larger pieces of machinery that have a greater capacity.

Wind turbines are wind dependant meaning that if there is no wind then no energy will be produced therefore resulting in this form of energy being unreliable. Although there is no guarantee of a steady flow of energy being created, when the wind turbines are functioning they can have several purposes for example all off shore wind turbines will create mechanical power which will then be converted into electricity, where as some on shore wind turbines will be used to pump water.

All wind turbines will either be on shore or off shore, in the UK there is a higher proportion of on shore wind turbines, this is due to having land available to create wind farms. In the UK off shore wind turbines are a growing resource although this comes with a high expense, this is due to the cost of construction and limited development in the ongoing maintenance required.

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